Thursday, February 19, 2009


1. Bebe and Rustom

Rustom Padilla is not simply dead. He was murdered by the fabulously wicked Bebe Gandanghari. Bebe is a selfish, ungrateful bitch. After coming out of the closet with Rustom’s help, why does she have to kill him?

2. Miriam Santiago

Miriam used to be smart. Her reputation as someone who can dish out tart, witty one-liners, with such admirable flair is eclipsed only by her former reputation as an iron-woman when it comes to battling corruption in the government.

Then she voted against the opening of the second envelope. Then she mentioned her dead son on TV in an election ad. Then she ran under Gloria’s party in the last Senatorial elections. Then she became too fond of making scenes and long speeches.

As Jessica Zafra once bemoaned, what happened to the good old Miriam that we have so adored in the past? We should appeal to the aliens who have abducted her; they must have placed a deranged dummy in her place.

3. Tide and Downey

Why would soap companies be disturbingly partial to politicians as their endorser? When Mar Roxas appeared in apparently Tide's latest commercial, I thought, “Well, everyone is entitled to make their own humiliating mistakes.” But when I recently saw Pia Cayetano on TV, sweeping her hand across an image of a huge overflowing dam, urging everyone to use Downey Isang Banlaw, my brain went short circuit.

4. KC Concepcion

What happens to a kid who’s sent abroad by an over-protective mom? She goes wild, once given the chance. She flirts with a former Hollywood star, does movies with a brother of a fallen beauty queen, and guests at every talk show airing on TV. So much for just shampoo commercials.

5. Ambitious project in progress

I have gone so far into my project that I can no longer go back. I am not sure if I can still pull it off. This is what happens when you’re too much a fan of great surrealist writers; their weird ideas rub off on you, but your talents remain inconsiderable. I guess there’s no option but to plough on with the story, and hope for the best.


pie said...

downey isang banlaw.
fabulously wicked bitch, that bebe.
deranged miriam dummy.

delighted to read your frustrations, except your last one.

Victor Gregor said...

first time umangas ng ganito. haha.

Anonymous said...

hirap mag post sa blog mo.antagal nung word verification

i used to lust over kc, since she's my sis' favorite. now i was turned off. she's like a tiger who went out of the cage.

and bwiset yang si pia cayetano. she's pathetic and useless.

as for miriam and bebe. they're both crazy. miriam was driven by her frustration to be the president, which she misrably failed, while rustom's the ordinary faggot gay.

Victor Gregor said...

@anonymous: kc has never been my type, even in the days when my illusions of straightness were at their most hardcore. LOL.

mabagal ba yung word verif. check ko nga.

penge palang email mo. email na lang, bilang ayaw mo namang sabihin blog URL mo. add kita sa ym. o kaya gmail, mas maganda. ;)

theCHAOSPILOT said...

hindi ko na naabutan yung dating miriam. sayang. well, she is STILL smart, hell smart.

jessica zafra for president!

Anonymous said...

with regards to bebe, i don't know if that thing she did is a good idea. there's goes another stereotype, geesh!

i love MDS, she's like the voice of reason in the senate and the source of pure entertainment. that's all i can say, i'm sorry i'm not that in tuned with politics, haha.

yeah, it's pretty annoying to watch politicians on a commercial. it's like they're sending a subliminal message saying "vote for me ya'll". it's screaming hidden agenda

have you seen the commercial of manny villar? no products, just those ducks and if you will notice, there is a scene there where he rubs off his muddy hands to his, i guess pretty expensive based on his riches, polo shirt just to show that he sympathizes with poor people. talk about being obvious. haha.

Victor Gregor said...

@chaos: di mo na naabutan ang dating miriam? bakit, ako naaalala ko pa kahit di naman ako ganun katanda? lol.

@maxwell: napanood ko nga yung kay manny. very distasteful.

Mr. Scheez said...

I don't like politicians endorsing any product in any commercial. Sobrang garapal na early campaigning ito. They should be disqualified.

I'm disappointed with MDS nung tumakbo sya sa party ni GMA last elections. I used to be a fan talaga, ngayon indi na.

KC Conception is over-exposed. I won't be surprised kung malaos sya kagad. Feel ko nagwawala nga sya eh kasi over protective si Ate Shawie.

Wag ka ma-frustrate sa project mo. Take your time na mapagisipan pa ang mga susunod mong gagawin/isusulat. Wag ka ma-preysyur sa amin na mga taga basa mo. =)

theCHAOSPILOT said...

haha. LOL. di lang siguro ako kasing socially/politically conscious dati. haha.

oh, btw, tagged ka pala. check my latest post to know more. ;)

Victor Gregor said...

@Mr Scheez: re political ads, ang alam ko merong certain period before the actual elections na hindi na pwede mangampanya, di ko lang alam kung meron ding time period na pwedeng masabing "too early" for campaigns.

I tagged you pala for this 10 Random Factoids thingy.

@theCHAOSPILOT: o ayan gumawa rin ako nung 10 Random Things list. LOL.

Mr. Scheez said...

Yeah, bigla ko naaalala may time period nga pala yun. Salamat sa tag =)

Victor Gregor said...

@Mr Scheez: wala pong anuman. :)

Anonymous said...

napansin mo din pala yung sa mga soap commercials, imbes na nagtatrabaho sila sa senado eh makikita mo si pia na nakikiusyoso sa naglalaba at babanat ng: "Gumana ba?" hehe..nakakatawa lang.. :D

Herbs D. said...

3 pala blogs mo! kala ko 2 lang! che! hehe

hmm. this anonymous guy is quite...interesting.