Sunday, March 01, 2009

To Do

Two whole boring rest days prompted me to reacquaint myself with my teenage era icon Jessica Z. Before she resigned herself to writing a column for a daily with a notoriously hideous layout, she had far better days. And when she frequently alluded to her three faithful readers back when she was still with the old Today, I swear she might be referring to Victor. Now look at what she did to me.

In any case, I opened my old Twisted books and browsing through them, I added a few items on my to-do list.

1. STORE BOOKS IN OLD SHOE BOXES; it prevents them from being dented. A pretty useful suggestion for me since all my books could not fit into the new bookshelf I bought. Jessica said she learned this helpful tip from Teddy Locsin, who also mentored her on the many better ways of covering books in plastic, without even using adhesive tape.

2. GO EAT AT MASUKI. Ever pined for old Ma Mon Luk where your folks often treat you with heavenly mami and siopao? Pine no more. I found out Masuki in Binondo is the old Ma Mon Luk, reinvented by the very children of Ma Mon Luk's owner. Now I'm too young to be familiar with the legendary Chinese joint, but everyone talks about it with such fond nostalgia that I am curious to find out if the reputation is well-earned. I suspect that I will hardly be disappointed.

3. SEE MAXIMO OLIVEROS WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. My VCD copy naturally doesn't have subtitles, but I could perhaps raid Quiapo for a DVD. Jessica subtitled the acclaimed film and I am curious how she translated some lines that would sound awkward in English. i.e "Hindi po yun shabu, tawas po yun!"

4. FIND OUT WHAT "JEPROKS" REALLY MEANS. The world dominatrix wrote "jeproks" came from "projects." I could not figure out the connection.

5. DELETE MY OLD HIGH SCHOOL BLOG. My writing style then was patterned after Jessica's witty, kick-ass diction, and it annoys me ceaselessly to be reminded that I aped someone else's schtick. The atrocious grammar errors dont help either.

PS. My (girl) friends back in high school have all expressed curiosity why I like Jessica Zafra back then. She bashes men on a regular basis, why do I read her? My darlings, if you're reading this, why are you so bad at getting hints?


ShatterShards said...

Who wouldn't love Jessica Z?! I love her suggestions on how the Philippines could conquer the world, among others. Had we been Today readers, I would have collected cut-outs of her column back then (something I did with Inquirer's Pinoy Trivia, circa 1990). Barring that, I've collected her Twisted books instead.

I remember that series of articles about book wrapping techniques (Something Kinky), and I guess I learned a thing or two from there also. And yes, I wrap my books without the use of adhesive. Using scotch tape only damages your books, and if you really have to use adhesive, try using 3M's magic tape. It doesn't discolor, and you can write on it.

on Jeproks: I think it was an 80s thing to move letters around to create a new sound for an old word, like mother becoming ermats. Using that as basis, it may be true that projects (pro-je-ks) can turn to je-pro-ks. Still, it doesn't hurt investigating further. hehe

jamie da vinci! said...

i will be more than HAPPY to take you to masuki when u decide to go!!! :) just brought a legion of fabulous fairies with me the other day on a fantastic food trip through binondo :) hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

how do you cover books without using adhesive tape?

Victor Gregor said...

@ShatterShards: i was kind of disappointed though that she is now writing for the Star. i don't really hold the daily in high regard.

@jamie: thanks, would love that. i'll keep you posted! i am poor at directions and company is very much welcome. :-)

@narnian: i myself prefer not to use any adhesive tape at all. primarily because the adhesive discolors the book's first page and when the plastic cover gets damaged, you cannot easily have it changed with a fresh sheet. so I don't use any adhesive at all. i just make sure the plastic cover is neatly and firmly folded over.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! i love this post.

maybe because:

1. i am an avid reader, too

2. i hate her guts, but i like her style

3. her acid remarks remind me of my dad when he was still alive

4. she's intimidatingly ugly and smart (lol) should i quote who said this?

and yeah, many of her suggestions i did too, and done well