Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Perks and "Better the Devil You Like"

Cool, I'm writing this blogpost from a Telus training room. Talk about perks, ha. I was not able to do this at AT&T. My product trainor actually allowed the class to surf the net during our breaks, and I cannot say I lost time in taking advantage of this.

But on to the real work-related stuff. Our class got a small peek at one of the systems we're going to use on the production floor. It's an intranet tool very similar to one we use at AT&T, but I'm beginning to wonder whether AT&T really knows what "user-friendly" means. I'm really beginning to like Telus.

An envious and well-meaning friend warns me, though: all call centers are devils, and she invokes the saying "Better the devil you know." Meaning AT&T.

I have a retort: "Better the devil you like." Meaning Telus.

Corporate thralldom reloaded

Telus International Philippines is it. What does AT&T stand for again?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Contemplathings VI

1. Cris Mendez, Paolo Ante, John Fajardo
2. Dr. Porciuncula
3. Margaret Atwood and The Blind Assassin
4. Telus (formerly Ambergris)
5. Canada
6. Starbucks 2008 planner
7. Shelfari
8. Why I cannot view my Friendster homepage
9. The String Quartet
10. Mel and the "Question"

Cris Mendez, a tree, and Jerrie

My editor Mel has always reminded us Collegian news writers that if a writer cannot write news, maybe someone forgot to do his homework. Right now, I can't write the news update on the Mendez case. This is exactly the same reason why I'm wasting precious time on a blog post like this. I bet someone did forget to do his homework.

A confession: The article was assigned to me ages ago but I just got around to researching on this last Monday. It's now Saturday and all I have are gleanings from the Inquirer website. If Jerrie or Mel's reading this, it would save me a lot of trouble when I submit to them my pathetic article this morning.

Or this afternoon, since Jerrie and Floyd just arrived from a beer joint somewhere in Katipunan. Jerrie told me cheerily that he brought me something and presented to me a whole branch which I suspect is formerly part of a poor tree. I did not speculate how he was able to drag the branch from the first floor up to the fourth floor of Vinzons Hall where the Collegian office is, but I do know this means he's drunk.

My resolve then: sleep and wake up before Jerrie does. And then flee from the office. I wish myself good luck.