Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Perks and "Better the Devil You Like"

Cool, I'm writing this blogpost from a Telus training room. Talk about perks, ha. I was not able to do this at AT&T. My product trainor actually allowed the class to surf the net during our breaks, and I cannot say I lost time in taking advantage of this.

But on to the real work-related stuff. Our class got a small peek at one of the systems we're going to use on the production floor. It's an intranet tool very similar to one we use at AT&T, but I'm beginning to wonder whether AT&T really knows what "user-friendly" means. I'm really beginning to like Telus.

An envious and well-meaning friend warns me, though: all call centers are devils, and she invokes the saying "Better the devil you know." Meaning AT&T.

I have a retort: "Better the devil you like." Meaning Telus.


Anonymous said...

you are definitely one hell of a writer than i am, but isnt it "trainer"?

Victor Gregor said...

i honestly dunno. ma-google nga mamaya. hehe. what's your URL? so i could check out your blog too.