Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cris Mendez, a tree, and Jerrie

My editor Mel has always reminded us Collegian news writers that if a writer cannot write news, maybe someone forgot to do his homework. Right now, I can't write the news update on the Mendez case. This is exactly the same reason why I'm wasting precious time on a blog post like this. I bet someone did forget to do his homework.

A confession: The article was assigned to me ages ago but I just got around to researching on this last Monday. It's now Saturday and all I have are gleanings from the Inquirer website. If Jerrie or Mel's reading this, it would save me a lot of trouble when I submit to them my pathetic article this morning.

Or this afternoon, since Jerrie and Floyd just arrived from a beer joint somewhere in Katipunan. Jerrie told me cheerily that he brought me something and presented to me a whole branch which I suspect is formerly part of a poor tree. I did not speculate how he was able to drag the branch from the first floor up to the fourth floor of Vinzons Hall where the Collegian office is, but I do know this means he's drunk.

My resolve then: sleep and wake up before Jerrie does. And then flee from the office. I wish myself good luck.

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