Saturday, September 19, 2009

One thing led to another

1. Blogger to Wordpress. I don't know when, how, or why I started to entertain the thought of moving to Wordpress, but I did. Maybe I am just bored with Blogger. Or maybe I am just bored. Period.

I might try it out until the novelty wears off. I have already an account in Wordpress, and I'm experimenting on two blogs. I haven't decided yet which one has the wittier URL.

2. Some Wordpress blogs worth reading. Second Struggle by Kris Canimo, Just (Un)thinking Out Loud by Christian Suller, and Cheap Inspector by Don Sebastian Cifra. Cheap Inspector's entries are especially witty, honest but interesting. Too bad he seems out of the loop now. His last entry was last January.

3. Anger. Christian of Just (Un)thinking Out Loud, a UP Baguio professor, wrote a particularly insightful entry on a mass walk-out he joined in about two months ago. The mobilization was against Charter Change and the proposed Constituent Assembly.

The entry made me stop and think of the last time I was angry. It bothers me that I could not remember. Some people say anger is not entirely unhealthy. Maybe this why I am so skinny.


line of flight said...

hahaha. or it could be you don't eat enough!

Andy said...

I've been unbelievably angry these past few days: angry with work, angry with rude commuters, angry with myself. It affected my writing; haven't posted an entry in almost a month.

pie said...

kaya pala madalang ka nang magpost.. come back soon, blogger is fun!

haha! parang bata. :)

carl said...

victor, thanks for the credit.

anyhow, limited lang ang pwedeng gawin sa wordpress. i still keep naman a blogspot, but it's more of a personal thing.

mas ok ang blogger, para sa akin. pero ok lang magexperiment. huwag ka lang mag-alsabalutan dala ang plantsa, ang bayong na puno ng gulay at ng happy time assorted bicuits! hehehe.

Victor Gregor said...

@Lance: Actually, for the past few weeks, I have been forgetting to eat during proper mealtimes. I'd just suddenly remember out-of-the-blue that I haven't eaten anything the whole day. Isn't that weird.

@Andy: Channel your wrath into your blog! :D

@Pie: Ain't leaving yet. Might, but not yet, at least. :)

@Carl: Haha. Natawa ako dun, pramis. Wala pa namang mga tiyak na plano. :)

Anonymous said...

i know i dont have the right to post here, but anyway just wanted to let you know that I know don cifra personally.

Anonymous said...

bakit hindi ako nakakareceive ng status updates mo, friends naman tayo? :( naka-filter?

btw, what's your wordpress blog. im moving to another dimension na kasi.

Victor Gregor said...

@Anonymous: Blogs are democratic. Well not really, but everyone's free to comment.

@Kris: I left you a comment on your new "dimension."

doni cifra said...

oy victor gregor limon.


i found this when I googled myself.

yes, i can be conceited like that.

btw, the reason my my wordpress blog isn't so updated is because i've been posting in another site.

pero i can't tell you where it is. hahaha.

there's things there that no one should know.

i've been posting some of my entries to wordpress again.

@ anonymous... wah... kinakabahan ako kung sino ka...

victor said...

Doni, I have moved to a different blog, too. This one's shelved already. If you're on Blogger, you cannot hide for long. LOL.

Anonymous said...

no my wpress is up again

Anonymous said...

no my wpress is up again