Sunday, May 03, 2009

Of Bedouins, blogging, and boredom

I feel strange: sedated and disinterested, like a bored dairy cow. I have a suspicion that if I wake up and find myself, curiously garbed as a Bedouin, inside a tent in a North African desert, the whole incident would hardly throw me into a fit of panic and surprise. This is a very dangerous thought, of course, but not necessarily entirely undesirable. Nomadic lifestyles have their exotic charm.

I am mildly envious of others here in the blogosphere who always write about something. Someone wrote about suicide (again), one on trade barriers and the bovine epidemic, and another on wasted romance. I am almost tempted to write about the possible connections of all three discourses. But all I could blog about is either my half-done posts or my interminable boredom. Ho-hum.

A blogger wrote about an advice given by a common friend, Melane. I wonder why during these sorts of times in our lives, we always feel inspired to invoke her sagely advice.

She told me more than once before: Pinili mo naman yan.


gentle said...

hehe. agree. :) life can be fabulous, if we choose it to be.

don't strain yourself too much, thinking that life is boring. study the minute colors floating in a fly's amber eyes, for instance. interesting, di ba? :)

:: cb :: said...

i think the night to early morning shift does that to people. when our chouces don't make sense anymore and all else fails, it's always best to clutch at straws.

Victor Gregor said...

@gentle: but i have studied those. more than once, if remember correctly. haha.

@cb: actually, it's not that my choices don't make sense. it's the exact opposite. i think my choices have become too practical, too predictable, to really matter.

Anonymous said...

it's not fascinating to write about suicide. suicidal people are cowards.

"like a bored dairy cow."- well, when did you change?hahaha.

guess i'm a restless noisy goat. =)

Herbs D. said...

its all a matter of choices i guess. but you could make those 3 all connected. i can just imagine.