Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of Melissa and Matt, proxies, and Orlando, Florida

Sine my long post on Pullum and Strunk & White, I have attempted (in total) four times already to write a new post. The first attempt is about bookstores and the information elite (nosebleed). The second is about how recession can fight the signs of ageing (see anorexia and fasting). The third is a fearless forecast on the Pacquiao vs Hatton fight (Manny: This will be a battol!).

The fourth is about the new hit series Kambal sa Uma. (Back in highschool, I was able to interview Melissa Ricks when she dropped by in our campus to promote some shows. I asked her if she has any shows in the pipeline, and she said she's been promised a fantaserye. That was of course four years ago; she had to wait for Matt Evans to do away with all that hair. The afro takes up so much camera frame space, rendering kissing scenes impossible to film.)

None of these saw the light of the day. I am a very prolific blogger.


My previous company has a very limited sense of securing its resources: Coffee gluttons plunder the creamer and sugar packets beside the coffee vendo. Vast amounts of handtowels and toilet tissue disappear mysteriously everyday. At the same time, entering the sleeping quarters at any given time gives one an impression that the company has decided to take up the cause of harboring refugees and the homeless. Accessing the internet is also hardly secured against non-work related activities. All you get when you try to go to Youtube is a page with a pair of monkeys warning you that the page is not secure, which you could avoid anyway through a proxy.

Accessing the internet, however, needs a bit of an effort here in my new work, and may require a considerable store of good proxy servers, which one can use alternately. Still, even when I manage to beat "Orlando" and get to my Blogger dashboard through some server located in France, a lot of links and scripts get lost in the process (and sometimes, because of that, I can neither approve nor view comments since the links wont work properly in some second-rate proxies).

I am beginning to suspect that I might need to save for a laptop. It is a hassle to go home to my mom's whenever I want to manage my blogs. Then I can cease being guilty of hogging the company's bandwidth each time I surf the web.


Andy Briones said...

I love this part: "Manny: This will be a battol!." Ehehehe.

I myself take a long time to post. It takes me a while to write a 300-word article; I keep on rewriting, rewriting, and rewriting, thinking my work is not good enough. In effect, I'm only able to make 4 posts per month — max. Although I took up journalism in college, I don't think I'd be any good at it because of the tight deadlines, ehehe.

:: cb :: said...

hey... save up for a phone instead. :D

Victor Gregor said...

@andy: me, too. i dwell too much on a paragraph that i could not move on the next. LOL. where did you take up journ?

@cb: i have a new phone already. :) at long last. why the new profile pic?

Andy Briones said...

I took up journalism at UP Diliman. My student number is 94-18614. I'm ancient. :p

Victor Gregor said...

wow. i know ancient people who wrote for Kule. nag-kule ka ba?

Andy Briones said...

Hey, I'm not too ancient! I'm only 32...I think. :p

Didn't join Kule; I'm not good enough, ehehe. Did you join Kule?

Victor Gregor said...

i did. for two years. and then i dropped out. you know the rest of the story, of course. :D