Monday, March 17, 2008

Puerto Galera, dabbling in photography

Sometimes, I am a frustrated poet, but most of the time, I am a frustrated photographer. I love a poem's bare beauty, tightness. But I adore the wordless speech of pictures.

Last weekend, when I went to Puerto Galera with my office mates, I borrowed a camera from a family friend and dabbled in photography. Doing tricks with a different knife
can be fun, I guess. I only hope not all my attempts were lame.

The resort where we went to goes by the name "White Beach," a misnomer, an advertising ruse, but the place was considerably clean and the water clear. There was no entrance fee. Beggars can't be choosers.

Not really white, but white enough

I know, I know, the horizon should be parallel with
the bottom edge of the photo. Will do better next time, hehe

Random shots. A river that runs to the sea and a... big... rocky cliff. LOL.

It's an understatement to say there are so many stray dogs
in Galera. Locals told me they used to belong to
who wittingly or unwittingly left without them. These two
on the photo were fierce and would not let me go any nearer

This one (above), however, appeared to have liked me so much
that all throughout the day, he followed me wherever I went.
When I left the next day, I looked for him and said good bye.
I forgot to ask him how old he is

I have a handful more photos but Blogger isn't Multiply (which I don't have), so I just uploaded the others in my Friendster albums:

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