Monday, October 29, 2007

If you have no further questions, I'd like to thank you for calling---

I'm quitting.

I cannot believe I put up with AT&T for six months. There's always something mildly exhilarating about anything in retrospect, something like an after-effect of vertigo. After having fallen from a high cliff, you wonder why you're still alive and breathing.

But I'm free at last from corporate thralldom, at least for quite a while before I get enslaved by either Convergys or IBM Daksh. Enrolling for this semester also is not quite out of the question, though I guess it will have to be my powers which will have to make this come to fruition. (My mom swore to me this morning she'll pay for my tuition. I know better than to trust to her short-lived promises. She is someone who says she will cook dinner, only to back out at around 9 pm, suggesting she pines for a can of sardines.)

Just a little disclaimer: Though I'm submitting my resignation letter tonight, I enjoyed being AT&T customer service for VXI for the last six months, if only for the fact that it's a high-paying way of killing yourself slowly. As my friend Chona puts it perfectly, "Ang sweldo sa VXI, either pambili ng gamot, o pambili ng kabaong." Believe me, jobs like that excite me, for a certain period of time. As much as masochism is hardwired in my system, I'd like to believe I reach the point when I become sane as everyone else. I know when I've done enough of what Jessica Zafra calls "self-cannibalism."

Now some of my friends I'll be leaving at VXI have all declared they will miss me, teary eyes and all. It's touching, but more probably this is just to hide the fact that they are green with envy; I bet it shall not be long before they follow me on my way out, screaming "You twerp! Me too! Me too!"

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